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Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake
Rich chocolate butter cake layered with chocolate ganache & coated in Chocolate glaze.
Carrot Cake Carrot Cake
Moist carrot cake layered with cream cheese a classic.
Vanilla Cheesecake Vanilla Cheesecake
Pure vanilla bean flavor our cheesecakes to satisfy your cravings.
Opera Cake Opera
A classic French cake, layers of coffee butter cream, chocolate & almond sponge make this cake addictive.
Passionfruit Mousse Passionfruit Mousse
Light, tangy & very refreshing.
Chocolte Hazlenut Crisp Hazelnut Chocolate Crisp
Light chocolate mousse layered on top of a crispy, crunchy hazelnut wafer base.







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Please note that our Pastry Chefs ensure that every cake that is ordered have the look and style of our in house standards but may or may not look identical to the photos featured on our page, as the final garnishes depend on the produce/product that is available from our suppliers for the week.